Selling Your Photography Online

So it has been about a week since I have opened up my Etsy shop. I have been wanting to see if I could sell my photography prints online and make some passive income. The best way I could think of doing that was selling digital prints online. There is nothing really to do after listing it. Just watch people purchase the images. Or not.

That’s where I really want to start this blog. Everyone wants to figure out how to make a quick buck. And find the simplest ways to do it requiring the least amount of effort. This goes for anything they try to sell.

A lot of people try drop shipping. This basically means that you list a product from a company. They carry all of the inventory. And when an item sells from your store, they take care of everything. You just sit back and collect the profits.

This is how they think it is supposed to work. Then when some time passes, and there are no sales, they wonder what the problem is. They get frustrated and quit. This is something that is all too familiar.

So after doing some research, I have decided to give Etsy a try. I went with Etsy because they help with SEO as well as social media. Which to me, is a big plus. At the time of writing this I have not gotten any sales yet. But I am still a new store and need to keep adding listings and making sure I am adding all the correct keywords. This will ensure that people find my images.

I have plenty of other ideas for my Etsy shop. But I have decided to start small and hopefully, grow steadily. Being consistent is key. As long as I am posting a new image on a regular basis, I should become more noticeable on the platform. And at .20 per listing, why not give it a shot!